Auto Glass Software

All Glass Quotes is a complete end-to-end workflow management solution for your glass repair shop. This Auto Glass Software has been developed by Auto Glass shop owners and expert software developers after analyzing the automotive glass industry for years we realized the process for managing and storing and exchanging of information was a difficult process to do efficiently so we developed a web based solution and made it available to our fellow automotive glass technicians and auto glass companies to help make their day to day internal processes faster, easier and more efficient.  The system is designed for you to be able to work smarter and more efficiently and eliminating process that involve time consuming tasks like having to search for an existing price quote, trying to send a follow up email after an installation to every customer to ask and find out if they were satisfied with their service or asking a customer to leave you a review on a review site.

Auto Glass Software

Faster, More Efficient & More Accurate Quoting

  • Stores and organizes your quotes by quote number
  • Ability to email a quote to any email address with a custom message
  • Ability to find your existing quotes and costs on parts by part supplier and manufacturer (Moldings, Gel Packs) by reviewing existing invoices
  • Customer Verification emails with all glass quotes automatically send out a verification email to the customer detailing all information pertaining to the installation (time (range), date, part type, total cost, address, year, make and model vehicle type) this helps shops make less mistakes when ordering glass in the event the customer misinterpreted the part type or the csr or shop owner misinterpreted what the customer said over the phone.
  • Mass email existing quotes with ability to apply price or percentage drops on a unique quote basis
  • Search through all your quotes by :phone #, name, vehicle make, vehicle model, part #, zip code, CSR, Part type, Payment type, quote #, or source of lead
  • Update to vehicle specs through Car API.

Dispatching Jobs to your technicians by email and text message

  • Dispatch jobs via email and text message
  • Allows you to share scheduled jobs with your technicians via the web and can access via any smart phone, computer (PC or Mac)
Auto Glass Software

 Knowledge Base/Database

  • Store notes and costs on parts within your shop (does a vehicle require a molding, how many Urethane tubes, labor costs, labor times, tinting, invoice #’s from suppliers, part costs by part type and part manufacturer)
  • Tech notes part specific and vehicle specific

 Real World Information with Tech Notes

  • Shares part notes with other technicians
  • Rating system allows techs to “like or dislike” system tech notes
Auto Glass Software
Reporting Features
  • Technician Installation Reports
  • CSR Reports
  • Marketing Reports that detail costs on lead sources by lead source
  • Reports on daily sales
  • Activity Logs track every lead entered into the system and any activity within the life of the lead
  • Generates Reports for booked jobs by Customer Service Rep for conversion tracking purposes to determine close rates for CSR’s
  • Installation report totals # of installs for each installer
  • Activity Report allows you to monitor activity by CSR
Auto Glass Software

 Scheduling Features

  • Built in Calendar for scheduling

Local Search Engine Optimization Features

  • Sends confirmation email upon completion of work to customers to obtain reviews and testimonial feedback

Technical Information

  • Can access using a smart phone, smart device or computer
  • Nightly backup setup to send you a backup of the entire system data once a day automatically via email
  • Activity Log tracks when csrs, managers and technician last logged into the system by time and date
  • All data exportable via csv and excel

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